We Meld Brains with Beauty

That’s what sets us apart ~ We have the eyes of Artists and the acumen of Master Architects.

At J. Montgomery Designs, we create carefully tailored spaces that capture the spirit of our clients and the soul of their land.  Our projects are living art designed to function, inspire, and last.  We combine dream-catching design with real-world budget checkpoints and cost analysis, so dreams become realities, not nightmares.

With decades of design experience, we have it down to an art.  Before we start, we take the time to get to know you, your property, and your goals.  Bringing together your unique lifestyle, aesthetic, and desires for your landscape, we create outdoor living worthy of the Bay Area’s bounties.  A place where it’s easy to love your leisure!

Custom stone paver and groundcover garden path

Meet Your Team

John Montgomery, Founding Landscape Architect | License #4059

From an early age, John constantly sketched his ideas and observed the way that natural landscapes formed.  He was drawn to design through his love for the outdoors.  Over the past three decades, John has built a name renowned for projects that reflect nature’s elegance.  He has a passion for creating spaces that are relaxing, rejuvenating, tranquil, playful, and timeless.  He started his career wearing a tool belt, and has now designed countless projects with an eye simultaneously seasoned and innovative.  He’s an artist with a vision, and a builder who brings it to life.

John is a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects and acquired his license from the California Board of Landscape Architects in 1994. He has years of hands-on experience along with a creative energy that can’t either be taught or bought. He brings his unique background in Art, Architecture, and Design-Build Construction to each project he takes on.

Cynthia Montgomery, Founding Partner | CEO

Cynthia’s business acumen has deep roots.  As a little girl, she listened at the dinner table to the conversations of her father and his fellow IBM executives.  She went on to earn a degree from UC Berkeley in Industrial and Business Psychology, where she learned that her natural skill of really hearing people was the key to a smart business.

Shortly after Cynthia and John were married, they saw an opportunity to create a unique Landscape Architecture firm, one which combined John’s talent for planning amazing spaces with Cynthia’s entrepreneurial skill and ability to interpret what clients truly want.  As CEO, Cynthia has built a clientele that values the ‘White Glove’ customer service for which J. Montgomery Designs has become known.  Throughout the years, she has carefully selected team members who uphold the same high standards.

Teresa Robbins, Principal Landscape Architect | License #8434994-5301

Teresa’s aptitude for design and ingrained awe of nature found the perfect balance when she discovered the field of Landscape Architecture. Her attention to detail and meticulous character are hard to match, and few designers can pair those traits as well as Teresa has with her passion for creating outdoor spaces that rejuvenate.

Teresa joined J. Montgomery Designs in 2004 after graduating with high honors and a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning from Utah State University. She became a licensed Landscape Architect in the state of Utah in 2014. Teresa’s work experience includes urban waterfront parks, hospitals, universities, and high-rise condo complexes. She found her greatest fulfillment designing tailor-made landscapes for cherished residential spaces. At our firm, she has worked side-by-side with John to bring hundreds of private residential landscapes to fruition.  To every project she brings a deep desire to create cherished home environments that revitalize in the way that only a home can.

Doug Robbins, Principal Designer | Project Manager

Doug has a special talent for thoughtfully designing spaces that engage all of the senses. His artistic capabilities and methodically detailed nature enable him to create unforgettable environments. Over the years, he has applied his skills to a wide variety of landscape projects, ranging from regional and residential parks, to cemetery and cremation gardens, to residential design and award-winning model homes. He brings his considerable experience to all aspects of our projects, from concept design through construction drawings and construction administration.

Doug graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning in 2002, and has been enjoying an outstanding and rewarding professional life ever since. In his leisure, Doug enjoys the outdoors, travelling, music, sports, and spending time with Teresa and their family.

Lindsey Shaw, Landscape Designer

As a child, there was nothing Lindsey despised more than being toted along on her mother’s many trips to the plant nursery – it was just so boring! Fast-forward 30 years, and things have changed just a bit. Lindsey’s deep love of plants and artistic prowess have found their perfect application here in the field of Landscape Architecture. Lindsey earned her bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from UC Davis in 2005 and has since held jobs in both the public and private sectors, recently falling in love with custom residential work. She enjoys the level of detail that this niche requires, where the selection of small design elements is just as important as the big picture.

Lindsey’s husband and two children keep her very busy outside of work. In her free time, she loves spending time in the mountains with her family, enjoying the changing seasons, and the activities that come with them.

Tanner Christensen, Landscape Designer

Tanner’s well-traveled and art-filled upbringing led him into the field of Landscape Architecture. Having experienced some of the world’s most beautiful spaces at a young age, he was motivated to apply his art background to designing spaces himself. Since graduating with a degree in Landscape Architecture from Arizona State University, Tanner’s experience has allowed him to contribute to regional parks, community gardens, residential landscapes, and everything in between. A love for humor contributes to his lighthearted and fun design language, and his natural obsession with organization and aesthetics keeps his work practical and thoughtful.

When not working, you can find Tanner at his former college assisting with teaching, workshops, and project jurying to help the next generation of designers. A busybody, Tanner enjoys spending his spare time learning new creative skills and hobbies like photography, writing, and philosophy.

Debbie Blumhardt, Office Manager

Debbie is a cornerstone of our team.  Using skills she gained as a paralegal in the security and corporate finance industries, Debbie plays an integral role in our client communication.  She is the first person you talk to when you call our office, and she is the best conversationalist!  Debbie’s organizational mind and warm spirit also make her our community liaison, connecting with local charities who benefit from our fundraiser garden tours.  But here in the office, Debbie is just plain fun to work with.

When not keeping J. Montgomery Designs’ team on track, she is an active volunteer who is a mother of three. Debbie enjoys spending time with family, including her beloved pets, as well as entertaining and attending Gumsaba Boot Camp at 5:30am! Much too early for the rest of the world!

Julie Peck, Project Liaison

Julie is a Bay Area native and graduate of UC Berkeley. With over 30 years of project coordination/management experience at AT&T, her dedication to communication, project organization, and client satisfaction is fundamental to our Design Oversight program.

She and her husband are recent empty nesters – their eldest son lives and works in Washington State and their youngest attends San Diego State University. The time and attention she had directed toward her sons, she now directs to supporting her 93-year-old father and 92-year-old mother-in-law. She fondly refers to them as the “Energizer Bunnies!” When not helping others, Julie loves being outdoors here in California, working in her yard, and hiking in the mountains.

Arlene Pond, Design Associate

Arlene has been a landscape designer and arborist for over 15 years, and she brings her exceptional horticultural knowledge and enthusiasm to every undertaking. She graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2001 with a bachelor’s degree in Plant Science, and later earned a certificate from UC Berkeley Extension in Landscape Architecture.

She has worked for a high-end residential design/build firm in San Francisco designing, installing, and maintaining gardens, and has assisted the Presidio Trust on many high-profile projects. She has a true love of nature and an avid interest in creating sustainable residential landscapes. In her spare time, Arlene enjoys floral design and has done a number of weddings for family and friends over the years.

Linnea Lion, Garden Designer

When you meet Linnea, you are instantly struck by the beaming smile on her face and her incredible zest for life. Her passion for all things botanical keeps her highly involved in the Bay Area horticulture scene, offering her time and expertise to the Merritt College Horticulture Department, the UC Master Gardener Program of Contra Costa County, and the Ruth Bancroft Garden, among others.

A Bay Area Native, Linnea’s knowledge of local climate, soil, and plant performance is the foundation for her practical and aesthetic plant selections. She is especially passionate about developing new plant combinations based on color, scale, texture, and balance. Her artistic and horticultural sensibility stems from her extensive art schooling, continuing botanical education, and extensive practical experience in Landscape Maintenance and Design.

Sam Goldstein, Written Media Consultant

Sam’s educational and work background spans a diverse range.  With a certification in Landscape Architecture from Merritt College and a Fine Arts degree in painting, the visual arts have long been her calling.  Recently, her love of writing has led her down a new path towards blogging, journalism, and editing.

A horticulture and design enthusiast, Sam shares her passion for Landscape Architecture, gardening, and natural environments on our company blog.  As a consultant writer and editor, she also manages our written media and fiercely eradicates typos.  In her free time, Sam enjoys gardening, backpacking, and traveling to Japan, Morocco, and most recently, Iceland.

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