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Sam’s educational and work background spans a diverse range. With a certification in Landscape Architecture from Merritt College and a Fine Arts degree in painting, the visual arts have long been her calling. Recently, her love of writing has led her down a new path towards blogging, journalism and editing.
3 06, 2019

Design for Play

By |2019-11-16T19:37:46-08:00June 3rd, 2019|Categories: Landscape Design|

Design for Play For so many of our clients, play is an important part of relaxation, and summer is the perfect time to embrace outdoor play-spaces!  Having a place to unwind outdoors is something we all need, whatever form your leisure activities take.  For some of us, it’s sports – golf, sand volleyball, [...]

20 05, 2019

Planting Principles

By |2019-12-30T21:30:57-08:00May 20th, 2019|Categories: Garden Design|

Planting Principles As Landscape Architects, we have the privilege of working not only with building materials, but also with living things!  Plants bring life and energy to the landscape, and the incredible variety of aesthetic choices they offer makes designing with them a blast.  What goes into a successful planting design?  Beyond knowing [...]

6 05, 2019

Flower-Cutting Gardens

By |2019-05-01T20:26:58-07:00May 6th, 2019|Categories: Garden Design|

Flower Cutting Gardens A garden can serve many purposes.  It can be a place of beauty and contemplative relaxation, a draw for birds, butterflies, and other wildlife, and a productive space for growing food and flowers.  With Mother’s Day around the corner, we couldn’t help but write about flowers, the time-honored traditional gift [...]

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