Contemporary Elements
Contemporary lounge patio with bluestone pavers set in gravel

We are always excited about new things, especially when they relate to Landscape Architecture, so Contemporary style in the landscape has stolen our hearts.  Here are a few of our favorite contemporary elements we have begun to integrate into our designed landscapes so far.

Contemporary Aesthetic

Modern concrete paver path through lawn to a geometric swimming pool

Clean lines, dominant hardscape, and an emphasis on textural plantings combine to form the aesthetic of the contemporary landscape, from New York to the Bay Area.  We love the focus on structure and simplicity, especially when combined with existing architecture to give the entire property a real update.


Corten steel wall sinks seamlessly into a boulder rock wall

Combined hardscape is one trend we are really in love with!  Stone and gravel in different sizes combine with concrete or stone pavers and are held in place with clean metal edging for geometric elegance on the ground.  Cor-ten steel is undeniably the signature new material for anything from planters to retaining walls.  Its beautiful rusting palette lends a warm contrast to grey stone hardscape.  The effect of plantings draping gracefully over the metal makes it one of our favorite additions to a garden.  For retaining walls, thicker metal is needed, while planter boxes and detailing can be done with thinner sheets.

Combined hardscape (bluestone paver, river stone, and gravel)

in the J. Montgomery Studio Garden

Contemporary Planting

Young peaches may continue to ripen well into the winter

Succulents spill from a Cor-ten steel orb in the J. Montgomery Studio Garden

New planting design spans a broad spectrum from natural grassland to structural mass plantings of succulents.  Texture seems to rule over all- soft wispy grasses to contrast stark hardscape, thick leathery leaves stand upright amidst soft groundcovers, and wild-looking plants from Australia and South Africa which have a bold vertical presence singularly or in mass.  We love the mood created by these simple plantings, and we get excited when we can design with this new aesthetic!

Each of our custom landscapes gives us an opportunity to blend traditional and contemporary in many ways.  As artists, we want each project, regardless of scale, to be truly unique to the client and to the space.  If you’re considering a redesign in any style, we would love to work with you!  Contact our studio via our website, and let’s talk possibilities!