Featured On Houzz: 8 Secrets of People With Beautifully Organized Homes

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They Aren’t Afraid to Outsource Tasks

Many of my organized clients outsource their yard work or housecleaning so they can focus on keeping their home decluttered and organized. They also aren’t afraid to hire a professional home organizer to help them get a handle on the clutter and dispose of unwanted items in the first place. A follow-up appointment every six months with an organizer can help them keep clutter at bay.

I realize that many people do not have the budget to hire outside help, and of course I wouldn’t advocate spending beyond one’s means. However, there are people who do have the financial resources but feel guilty about outsourcing housework or yardwork because they feel they should do it all. If you fall into this category, consider the stress reduction of bringing a housecleaner in every other week. The cost may even be less than a therapy session and may help you feel a sense of calm when you come home after a long day.